The Pro and the Con immediately bring you into a sweaty garage in the early ‘60s. The duo delivers thick throwback proto punk that balances the in-your-face sound of bands like The Sonics and the bluesy, driving sound of the Black Keys. With overdriven baritone vocals, punchy vintage guitar and hard-hitting freestyle drumming, the delivery is tight and drives a sound that’s big and meaty.  The songwriting is simple yet immersive, giving the listener a quick hit of the emotion and art of each song.

A product of the music slash whiskey soaked Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, The Pro and the Con is vocalist/guitarist John Boudreau (Dirty Pots) and drummer Tom T. Meyers (Thee Emergency, Prom Queen).

With their 2016 debut release The First E.P., the Pro and the Con are looking to hit every booze hall in the PNW and up and down the west coast and beyond.